DMI Summer School

The Digital Methods Initiative (DMI) is a leading European Internet Studies research group. anci team members Prof. Dr. Birgit Schneider, Janna Kienbaum and Paul Heinicker were happy to participate in DMI’s Summer School 2019 in Amsterdam from 1 to 6 of July 2019, more precisely in a project week on Climate Image Spaces and the New Climate Movements. It was a great opportunity to get to know new perspectives and to exchange experiences and ideas with other scholars. Two research projects focusing on climate change communication on the web were pitched and later merged, as both projects addressed climate change and its imagery online. Warren Pearce form the University of Sheffield introduced the research project Extinction Rebellion, #FridaysForFuture and the New Climate Movements, focusing particularly on recent developments around the shifting language of climate change and the frame of a climate emergency. Besides, Janna Kienbaum and Paul Heinicker introduced our anci approach presenting the idea of Climate Image Spaces while focusing on the online circulation of climate change images using search engines. Merging both pitches, we combined a mixed methods approach with intercultural image comparison on similarities and differences in climate change communication.