Humboldt Forum

A Hub of science, the Humboldt Laboratory in the Humboldt Forum is being created in the centre of Berlin. It will be a space of current knowledge and science transfer between research and society, a place for future questions and discussion. Anci will be one of the first research projects to present itself there in a permanent exhibition and to share its questions, approaches and findings with the public. In cooperation with the animation studio SchnelleBunteBilder anci will show two video contributions of about five minutes each. The videos will be shown for three years and will be updated regularly.

The first contribution is about representation of possible climate futures in different media formats. Under the question What kind of future do we have in different media, contexts and countries? we collect exemplary visual climate future concepts of our earth, like climate scenarios of solution-oriented energy system transformation or dystopia. The pictorial objects come from various media origins, are confronted and compared with each other. This encourages us to question and compare symbols, codes or constructions of the future and to form our own picture of the future.

The second video presents impressions from the project in Module 3. The question we asked here was: What images of climate change do people in other countries see when they search for climate change online? Using the Tor Browser programmed for anci, an international search for specific keywords like climate change, climate disaster, climate impacts or climate mitigation is possible. The image outputs of the search queries were collected per country and can be presented visually as image clouds over the corresponding countries in a map. The search engine Google and its functional principle itself is then questioned by checking the ranking system of the websites. By visually highlighting international differences and similarities in the visual communication of climate change, we also open up the space for questions about region-specific images of climate change.

The final results of the cooperation will be posted later this year.